Time and time again as I flick through magazines I see the absence of ethnic (Indian/Pakistani/Sikh) models. Apart from Neelam Gill, whom I have frequently seen in 2016 in a number of adverts and publications. I do not recall seeing… View Post

So the last few months have been chaos so I am a little late with the New Year posts including a few more that will be coming soon on the blog. The last year has been full of ups and downs… View Post

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own boutique? It’s certainly a popular backup career plan for savvy individuals. The reality of owning a shop is much more complicated than simply having an eye for detail or a passion for… View Post

I got this purse last year and love it so much I haven’t used it yet for fear of ruining it. It’s a stunning emerald green colour. It’s a great purse to use when you are going out in the evening for dinner… View Post

I made a fair few blogging mistakes (probably still making some) when I first started, unfortunately these were ones which left me very much out of pocket. 1 – Going to too many paid events I wasn’t entirely sure what… View Post