Random acts 2017

Another year gone by and here are some of the Random Acts of Kindness I did this year. It’s hard to always try and think of original and different ones to do, so I do tend to repeat them, but have not listed them all here.

1. Gave somebody change to park their car as the machine wouldn’t take any another form of payment.
2. Sponsored a random person on the Just Giving website.
3. Paid for lunch for a lady who was eating alone.
4. When I was in Central London I went out of my way to take somebody to where they needed to go on the underground as they were lost.
5. Gave a mother and child my umbrella as they had been caught out in the rain.
6. Took some chocolates in to my local fire station and ambulance service, they do a great job at saving lives.
7. Dropped off a gift for a child at a charity
8. Left a skincare package for a nurse at a hospital
9. Purchased 2 items of something and gave one to the person in the queue behind me.

I want to continue to do such things as it brings me joy when I bring joy to others. What random acts of kindness have you done? What would you like to do? Have you experienced random acts of kindness, what were they?

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