Everpro Zero Grey

Everpro Zero Grey

Unfortunately my hair is no longer the jet black colour or thickness it used to be. A few years ago I went through some life changing things and it had a huge impact on my health, wellbeing and everything else it possibly could. Much of my hair went grey over a very short period of time. Now I dye my hair regularly to cover the grey up as I am not ready to leave it as it is and no I won’t apologise for that. I will go grey gracefully when I am ready. However I don’t like dyeing it all the time either so I try to let it grow out as much as I can before getting it dyed. The problem is when I need to go out to a party, wedding, birthday or any such events between dyes! This is where EVERPRO Beauty Zero Grey comes in. It comes in both a spray and powder form.

Zero Grey Temporary Root Concealer Spray £9.99
This is an instant grey root coverage spray. This is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily touch-up and cover grey roots. This product is a life safer, the amount of times I have used it before going somewhere to cover the greys, it’s a must have for anyone who is starting to go grey. It is fast drying and washes out with shampoo and is really easy to spray on the target areas. This product is a life saver! Buy now

Zero Grey Root Touch-up Magnetic Powder £12.99
This root touch-up magnetic powder is an instant solution to get rid of those unwanted grey roots. This is an easy to apply powder and with the sponge applicator it allows for precise control and coverage. This also washes out with shampoo. Buy now

Both these products are great for covering up greys in-between dyes, are excellent value and so easy to use. Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

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