The Three Pillars of L:A Bruket

L:A BRUKET candle and hand cream

This is a brand for your body, face and mind. L:A Bruket skin-care products provide a wide range of solutions carefully composed of natural and organic ingredients inspired by the Swedish coastal way of life. All the products are created to cleanse, nourish and protect from the harsh demands of coastal and urban living. These products help maintain healthy, beautiful skin and also give a wonderful scent experience.

I first came across this brand in Liberty of London and instantly fell in love with the packaging. Having gone onto their website I have even more admiration for this brand, especially after reading their philosophy on development and decisions and how they always refer back to their Three Pillar philosophy.

The Three Pillars
The three brand pillars below represent everything L:A Bruket stands for. All the decisions and developing is done by referring to these three pillars: (taken directly from their website)

Coastal Living – The dynamic border between land and sea is where L:A Bruket finds its inspiration. Not only the brand home, but a way of life; this lifestyle is founded in mutual respect that is adaptive and resourceful, finding solutions that work for mankind and nature alike. Based on attitude, not geography; L:a Bruket products fit easily in any environment we call home.

Function first – Function does not exist in isolation and neither do L:A Bruket products. Born from our coastal home, each component, from the bottle to the scent, has a purpose; often, more than one. Products are developed with duality in mind. Inspired by the blend of modernity and traditional, coastal and urban, male and female; L:a Bruket products are designed for use, and to fulfil a need.

Natural ingredients – L:A Bruket believes that nature provides the functional tools to nurture our skin. Minimizing the industrial influences in production, allow for the natural and organic benefits of the ingredients and components to shine through. L:A Bruket is constantly seeking the best combinations and methods to harness the power of natural ingredients and new formulas. That way we can always be one step ahead.”*

The philosophy of the brand extends to the packaging too and brown bottles, which look wonderful on most bathroom shelves, are part of a preservation approach designed to protect and extend the shelf life of the natural and organic ingredients.

The story
The co-founder Monica Kylén focused her time towards ceramics and started making functional household products. She discovered a need for organic products to protect her skin from the ceramic process. Unable to find what she needed elsewhere she set out to make them herself and so out of necessity L:A Bruket was started in 2009. She was inspired by the spa tradition of her home and the ever changing environment of her coastal home town, Varberg, Sweden.

Hard to put into words, it touches many aspects like holistic living, even skincare, to ensure a balance. Three beliefs that stand out above the rest; maintain and cherish a close relationship with nature, choose products that meet the demands of modern life, and take time to transform a daily routine into a rewarding luxury. This is the world of L:A Bruket. We look forward to sharing it with you.”*

151 Doftljus Grapefruit candle £45.00
Not only is the packaging environmentally friendly, but it also looks wonderful on any counter top and represents the organic nature of this brand. The addictive grapefruit aroma of this candle has a touching effect on the senses and emotions. It is refreshing, energising and also invokes feelings of warmth. It brings a sense of happiness and is absolutely delightful. Grapefruit is something I try and eat most summer mornings and always on holiday. As well as enjoying the taste I also love the refreshing scent of this fruit so this candle was perfect for me. The 260g luxurious candle has over 45 hours of burn time. Buy now

L:A BRUKET grapefruit candle

159 Handcréme Citrongräs £17.00
This hand cream and its unique and wonderful packaging is as exquisite as the candle. It is a deep moisturising cream and it kept my hands feeling hydrated for hours. It’s not too greasy and is fairly thick in consistency so therefore needs to be massaged into the hands. I prefer these types of creams as they keep the skin supple long after. As the weather has started to get cold my hands are becoming increasingly dry and I know they will only get worse as winter draws near. You can subtly smell the essential oils of lemongrass and rosemary which are an equal addictive scent. Lemongrass is one of my favourite scents and also one of my favourite drinks. It takes me back to having spa treatments whilst on holiday. Buy now

This is a brand you must try and once you have, you will become addicted. The brand’s philosophy embraces the natural environment and is based on an overall sense of well being and harmony. Everything is linked and is about balance and wellness. The products are exquisite, exceptional in quality and the packaging is unique and environmentally friendly. Had you tried this brand? What products did you try? What are your thoughts?

*taken directly from their website
Post contain PR samples but opinions are my own.

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  1. November 8, 2017 / 11:48 am

    That looks gorgeous! I’m a sucker for a beautiful, functional product (Aesop and Khiels own me) and this would fit right in!

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