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“Our dream was to connect people back to nature. That connection…that’s the really important thing for us as human beings.” Ulrik Klein, co-founder of Jurlique

This was the founder vision for Jurlique. Dr Jürgen Klein and his wife Ulrik had always been passionate believers in the healing power of nature. Their vision was to create a pure and natural skin care range using what nature had to offer. They believed that nothing manufactured could come close to what nature could provide when it came to truly healthy, beautiful skin so they searched for a pure place on earth which they found in the Adelaide Hills. Their most iconic natural ingredients are still grown in the Adelaide Hills where Jurlique first began. It was this vision and their belief that first attracted me to this brand and after using the products I can confidently say this brand won’t disappoint. 

Rosewater Balancing Mist £18.00
This is one of the brands best selling products and I having read such great reviews in magazines and on blogs, I was really delighted to get an opportunity to try this iconic product. This is a hydrating mist for normal to combination skin with the scent of roses. This mist is great to carry and spray on your face for a surge or hydrating when needed and it is perfect for holidays in the sun. It contains rose essential oil, which is designed to improve the skin tone and moisture levels, and aloe to hydrate the surface. It can be used one of two ways, sprayed directly onto the face, keeping eyes closed or sprayed on the hands and lightly pressed onto the face. I preferred to spray directly on the face. Buy now

Rose Hand Cream Handpicked 2017 £36.00
This rich limited edition hand cream was a deluxe version of their iconic hand cream. This limited edition celebrates the extraordinary beauty and scent of the 1,800 Rose gallic bushes at the Jurlique Farm. It is a deeply moisturising cream and the rose extract left my skin feeling soft and supple. It is delicately scented with a natural Rose fragrance. Buy now

This brand is exceptional in the quality of its products and I loved using both of them. I will never go through a summer or a holiday without the balancing mist and the hand cream is in my desk drawer for everyday use. I highly recommend you try these products if you have not already. There’s already some other products from this brand on my wishlist. Have you tried these products before? What did you think?

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