Dr Jackson to the rescue!

 versatile I first came across the Dr Jackson brand while browsing the counters in Liberty London as well as in print media. I was delighted to have found another organic brand with a wide range of products. Dr Jacksons is a science-led cosmetics company that creates luxury skincare products and organic tea blends using the best ingredients nature has to offer. The products are based on the principles of pharmacognosy, the study of natural products and the traditional uses of plants. The brand uses techniques that mimic the way natural ingredients are extracted at source.

04 Coconut Melt  £12
Coconut is known for its antibacterial, rehydrating, emollient properties so when you come across a balm which is certified 100% organic coconut oil you know to expect great things. This is a nourishing multi-purpose balm. This is suitable for the skin the hair, cuticles and the lips. I have been using it everywhere and it’s fantastic. It’s especially made a difference to cuticles and my elbows where my skin is very dry. The coconut melt is white in colour and has a traditional balm like texture. Its fragrance is divine and it reminds me of a traditional Indian sweetmeat. This product is suitable for babies, is not tested on animals and also Soil Association certified so you know it’s truly organic. Buy Now

Baobab & Rose Oil  £16
This is a 100% natural oil blend and has a deeply moisturising formula with a calming fragrance. This oil can be used on skin and hair and has a wonderful calming fragrance. I used this on my elbows, cuticles and other areas of dry skin. This travel oil is perfect for the handbag and comes in a wonderful roll-on bottle. It’s a life savour for any busy women who need some on-the-go moisturiser. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Buy now

03 Everyday Oil  £12
This is an all-natural, versatile moisturising oil perfect for everyday use and ideal for problem skin. This oil has a unique mix of baobab seed oil, macula seed oil, calendula flower extract and arnica flower extract. It helps even out skin tone and improve elasticity. The oil comes in a lovely travel size roll-on making it so easy to use without any waste. I have been using this on my problem skin areas, elbows, knees and feet and it has worked wonders. My feet get very neglected, especially during Autumn and Winter and this has really helped keep them in better condition. It’s also great for cuticles too! Buy now

The packaging is in-keeping with the organic nature of the brand and is clean, simple and very environmentally friendly. The coconut melt and the roll-on are in glass containers. The products are fantastic and really made a different to the skin. My particular favourite is the coconut balm which is one of their iconic products. I highly recommend everyone have one of these. I love that these travel oils come in a roll-on as there is no waste and they are so easy to apply. Have you tried any of these products? Have you heard of this brand? What are your thoughts?

PR samples but opinions are my own.

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