Money Matters

Money Matters

This is a subject that most of us avoid discussing with family and friends as it is a delicate one because. I don’t necessarily mean discussing your income, I mean when you cannot afford to attend functions, give presents or spend over £20 just to go into London as you really need to save for a bigger goal. I am currently on a semi-spending ban and am avoiding spending money whenever I can.

Top 5 issues with trying to save when you are a blogger and a non blogger:

1. People don’t always understand
For example the other day, I was offered a free ticket to Westfield for a screening and when I was honest about why I couldn’t go I was met with sarcasm about how it was free. The point is I do not live or work in central London and it can cost me well over £20 to get in! At the same time my other friend said I didn’t need to buy her child a birthday gift, it wasn’t important and how she understood what I was trying to do. Money can cause division from friends and family of different means. Sometimes the people who never need to worry about it cannot understand the point of view from the ones who do need to be careful.

2. Group dinners
I don’t mind splitting a bill for group dinners if I am going out occasionally. But I spent too much money in my 20’s/early 30’s on far too many dinners splitting the bill because I didn’t have the courage to say could I just pay for myself. I know people get funny about that, I have seen people roll their eyes when someone has said that and I think that’s awful, it shows a lack of empathy for people less well off. It’s also different when it’s a small amount. I know I have spent £30-40 on a meal when I have only eaten £12 worth, now that is no small amount. I dread to think how much money I could have saved.

3. Buying products
I keep seeing social media and reading reviews on all sorts of products I want to try but I am not making any purchases as I need to save. As a blogger I want to try these products and do reviews but I have other priorities so am blogging about other things. The beauty items I have seen recently which I would love to try are: Nuxe 25th anniversary oil, Jurlique hand cream and rose water (read some great reviews) Smith and Cult nail polish. I wish there was a place where I could swop what I have for some products I would like to try. I also keep seeing stationery, clothes, bags and home stuff everywhere but this is easier to refrain from. I want to move so don’t need any home stuff. I do not need any handbags at all and I only buy clothes as and when I really need them. I am also entering many competitions which can really make a difference.

4. Blogger events
Being invited to events is great, you get to meet new people and make new friends as well as learn about the brand, products and speak to their representatives. They are many blogger events in many major cities and PR’s also invite certain bloggers to new product launch events, all of which are free. However when you don’t live in one of the major cities you need to evaluate the cost of getting there, this could include parking, train fares, tube fares etc. I was invited to a few events last year but mainly went to the Thirty Plus events. I only really went to the ones I really wanted to go to as my travelling costs for getting into London aren’t cheap. This year however I haven’t been invited to anything so it’s not an issue.

5. Gift giving
This can be another sensitive subject. Sometimes when you cannot afford to buy a decent gift and do not want to turn up empty handed, it can be easier not to go. Unfortunately, as much as we don’t like to admit it, it really isn’t,”the thought that counts,” as I know people get so offended. Also when you can have 8 plus weddings and at least 8 newborns being born each year, at what point do you stop. I suggest either a blanket policy or a blanket budget for everyone, or a case by case assessment.

Those who say, it’s reciprocated when it’s your turn, then let me say this that doesn’t solve the issue of not having the money at that time, as well as you should give not to receive etc but also this is no way the case and I am speaking from a lot of experience. Let me give you an example, I have given lots of of decent gifts to friends/family when they have had kids, now I do not have kids, however I had my 40th birthday, a chance for some of these people to reciprocate had they wanted to, some chose not to others chose to give me tat! I know this has always been this way for me but I give out of love, however I now really need to save that money so am now really being careful.

Entering competitions can also help with gift giving too as well as buying things in the end of year sales.

What cut backs do you make for larger goals? Do you go to all blogger events if you don’t live outside London? Are your friends or family understanding? What do you do as a beauty blogger to prevent yourself from buying all the new launches that you really want to try?

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