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I have been using more and more organic products lately and I am loving them. Everything we apply on our skin ends up in our bodies eventually so we need to be more careful of what we are using. A lot of brands claim to be natural and organic but what does that actually mean? There is no standard and nothing to regulate this. There are various certification bodies which help like Cruelty Free International, Vegan Skincare and the Soil Association. The Soil Association is the UKs leading organic certification body and they make things very clear. They certify products if the ingredients are organic and everything is strictly checked to ensure that the brand is in fact organic and any claims are true. Hayley from London Beauty Queen gives a detailed explanation in her blog post about natural and organic products which you can read here.

When I was approached by Nourish London to try out one of their products the first thing I did was go onto their website to explore the brand, the products and their history. After reading about the philosophy and story and seeing all the certification I was really excited to try a product from their range. Nourish London was created by Dr Pauline Hili, a specialist in organic skincare and science behind the remarkable properties of plant extracts. Nourish London is certified by the Soil Association so you know that this is a truly organic brand and it has also won several awards.

I opted to try the Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator, now anything with Kale has to be good right? This product is excellent as it is a cleanser, mask and facial all in one. It can be used in different ways depending on what you want.

I used the product in all three ways, as a cleanser I gently massaged it onto my wet skin and rinsed it off. As an exfoliating mask I spread it over my dry skin, left it for two minutes and then rinsed it off with cold water. I also applied it as a mask and left it on my skin for just over 5 minutes and then spritzed with timer and massaged it off with cold water.

The exfoliator is light green in colour, thick in texture and has small granules in. It has a kale like scent to it and is easily applied to the skin. Once washed off my skin felt really soft, fresh and clean and I really loved the fact that it was organic. Knowing that I was being so kind to my skin by using a truly organic product gave me extra peace of mind. I use a lot of different products, which I do love, however, I do wonder what harm I may be doing to myself in the long term.

I thought the packaging was simple, elegant and beautiful, it’s also FSC certified. This may sound strange but when you’re a graphic designer you always look at the design of the packaging, it’s habitual!

Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator:
Formula: 100% natural. 81% organic. Vegan. Gluten free. Free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance.
Certifications: Certified organic by the UK Soil Association.
Origin: Made in UK.
Packaging: Recyclable plastic tube in FSC certified cardboard box.
Shelf Life: Use within 6 months from opening.
Animal Rights: Not tested on animals. Cruelty free.

This was an amazing product and at the price tag of £18.00 for a multi-use organic product such as this, is great value for money. You can purchase it here. Brands which use natural and organic ingredients and adhere to so many certifications, would be expected to have a slightly higher price but as they say, ‘you get what you pay for.’ I would highly recommend you give them a try, I already have my eye on some of their other products!


    • Nital Shah
      August 6, 2017 / 3:23 pm

      I also think they are great products and organic too so what’s not to love!

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