Budgeting tips for beauty maintenance

Here are 5 tips for beauty on a budget:

1. Haircuts 
Providing you are not getting a re-style and are just having a trim, there are many offers on Groupon and other similar sites. Alternatively you can sign up to a text message/emails from a few local hairdressers and follow them on social media which can give you access to some great offers. I have done this and I have not paid more than £22.00 for a wash, cut and blow dry. I realise some people are very particular about who cuts their hair but remember if you are only having a trim then surely it’s fine, why pay too much money for it. If it’s a Groupon type of offer you could plan it for when you go into a city, if there is no offers near you, in which case signing up to your local ones would be a great idea. Also did you know you can also get discount codes for Groupon too.

Also I always plan my wash cut and blow available available drys just before I go on holiday or before an event so it always looks that much nicer.

Also you can have a trim done at your local hairdressing college if you have the patience and time, these are either free of hugely discounted, I am not very patient so prefer not to do this. These are also probably more widely available in London and other large cities.

There will also be offers for dying, highlighted and other services. Although I realise you need to be more careful with these services but I still think it’s worth trying the offers for these too. After a while you will get to know all the local hairdressers.

2. Make-up and skincare products
Sign up to the mailing list for your favourite brands, some will offer you discounts for signing up, freebies on your birthday as well as other offers. Sign up or following brands like Feel Unique, Look Fantastic, Cult beauty, Debenhams and many others, as they always offer discounts or free gifts. Also stores like Liberty and Beauty Harvey Nichols occasionally offer huge goodie bags with purchase based on a minimum spend as well as discounts. Don’t forget to look for discount codes or use a student card to get money off. A lot of bloggers also sell the things they don’t need so keep and eye out on Ebay, Depop and Facebook groups, you can get some great bargains.

3. Nails
There are also many offers for manicures, and pedicures and gels on the Groupon type of websites. I only ever do these before I go on holiday. My nails are fast growing and I have to have it removed after a week as the nail bed showed and it looked awful then. So for me it’s not worth the money to get them done professionally. I am also fussy about how they are done, the shape and I hate it when they leave minuscule gaps between the polish and the cuticle, it really bothers me. Alternatively you can invest in a lamp kit like Sensational Nails (I have this one), or in a more professional kit! If like me you always have your nails painted then the expense may well be worth it in the long term! I also have the CND one week nails but have found that they still chip after a few days. I find none of the nail polishes which claim to last a week really do just that.

If you are going for massages, facials or other treatments, it’s not only worth looking for a discount online but look for one where the treatment is redeemable against products. I have had a Decleir and Elemis facial before and was able to redeem the cost against products. You can also get treatments at a beauty college too.

Do you have any tips for budgeting for beauty? How much do you pay for a haircut? Do you use Groupon or similar sites? Do you get your nails done regularly?


  1. Emily Newstead
    July 19, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    These are great tips! I am definitely going to take #1 on board. I pay about £50 for my hair cut at Regis; it’s ridiculous!

    Emily xo

    • Nital Shah
      August 6, 2017 / 3:24 pm

      It’s definitely worth trying, think of all the savings!

  2. Yiota www.instagram.com/yiotou_la
    July 23, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    I always shop my makeup and skincare products when brands have sales and I also buy some products from a discount store, it’s amazing how many great deals you can find in a shop like this one!! x


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