P is for Peonies


Spring is that time of year where we start to see the first sign of flowers and if we are lucky, we get a chance to see a whole range of flowers through the Summer months too. I absolutely adore flowers and if I had my way I would decorate my home with fresh flowers every week. Peonies, Tulips, Lotus, Orchids, Cherry Blossoms, Birds Of Paradise, Bleeding Hearts, Chocolate Cosmos and Parrots’ beaks are some of my favourite flowers. I would love to see a Jade Vine, Youtan Poluo and Campion flowers one day. I think a visit to Kew Gardens is needed this summer.

When Blossoming Gifts offered to send me a bouquet of flowers I jumped at the chance. I chose the Peonies as they looked so beautiful. Blossoming Gifts is fairly new company which offers a great online flower delivery service. They have a large selection of flowers catering for a wide range of budgets.


Peonies for bloggingPeonies for blogging

The flowers came in a large box with their logo and details on. The pink peonies inside were beautiful and many of them had started to bloom. They were mixed with 2 green bell flowers. The pink was a brighter bolder pink than what was shown on their website but they were very pretty none the less. It’s been two weeks and the flowers still look fresh and stunning.

As I blogger I do like to use flowers in my photos whenever I can, as they really add je ne sais quoi to the photo. My favourite flowers for using on the blog are Peonies and Tulips, I find they work wonders on photographs.

I thought these flowers were fresh, beautiful and ever so pretty and recommend giving Blossoming Gifts a try using the following discount code BGIFT33 for 33% off (excluding ‘flower by post’). The delivery is quick and the quality of the flowers is exceptional. Do you also love flowers? Do you use them in your photography? 

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