Top Travel Packing Tips

Top Travel Packing TIpsTop Travel Packing TIpsI love to travel and I have travelled a lot over the years and plan on continuing to do so. There have been times when I have over- packed and times I have under-packed but I have now mastered the art of packing. Your packing will vary if you are going on a beach holiday or a sightseeing travelling holiday and it may also vary if you are flying first class.

1.Don’t pack towels
Unless you are staying in a youth hostel, most places provide towels so there is no need to pack them. They are bulky and take up a lot of room in your suitcase.

2.Too many clothes
I have been known in the past for taking too many but haven’t made that mistake for a long time. Think about where you are going, the climate at the time you are going and what you will be doing each day and evening and lay everything out. Choose versatile pieces so you can mix and match. I managed 4 places in Vietnam for 3 weeks on hand luggage only. I had approx 6 internal flights and didn’t want to pay for cabin luggage on them all. Of course I got the clothes washed while I was on my travels.

3. You skincare and make-up collection
As tempting as it is to pack thing for every eventuality, pack only what you need and what you will use. If it’s 40° heat it’s unlikely you will want to apply a full face of make-up. I doubt you will need those 8 lipsticks either; limit yourself to two lipsticks/lip gloss which should suffice. You can such a great variety of lip treatments with SPF so you can use them during the day and evening too. You can use two lipsticks together to create a third colour.

Buy travel size skincare or decant ones you use. I am loathed to spend money on travel sized skincare every time I travel, as I have so many full size and some travel size products at home already, so I decant them. Superdrug, Boots, Muji all sell a variety of travel sized bottles and if you travel a lot like me they are worth the investment and will last a long time. Also if your skin is not so sensitive use the shower gels, shampoos etc that the hotel provide. There are some products where I have purchased travel size ones and still use for example a hair bush/comb (I am not taking my huge Tangle Teezer on holidays).

My hair products are even more limited if it’s city weekend breaks as I don’t wash my hair when I am away for only 2/3 days and I plan my Groupon wash, cut and blow dry just before I go.

Beauty products add lots of weight and take up a lot space. Your cosmetics bag is most likely to be the heaviest item in your luggage.

I would say try not to take too many cameras. My main issue is with cameras as I always want to take the SLR (and rent a tripod to take too) and I have only the 18-200mm lens so not only is it heavy but it’s huge. It takes amazing night shots. As well as that I want to take my Olympus Pen (which I still cannot use properly) and Instax too! I have not restricted myself to only taking the SLR if I am going to do serious night photography (like I did when I went to Budapest and Copenhagen). However I will not be taking it on any beach, relaxing holidays or backpacking style ones, as it’s just to bulky. This will mean I do miss out on some amazing night shots but the SRL without a tripod is no good for the kind of photography I want to do but lets be real, 6 countries in 2 weeks on trains and airplanes, the SLR and tripod will be staying at home.

5. Avoid bulky clothes
Avoid taking bulky clothes and coats if you can, try layering instead. However if you must, try to pack them in cabin luggage when possible of wear them if not. If it’s a short haul flight, I would suggest wearing them.

6.Share a suitcase
If you are going for a short period and can’t take just hand luggage you could try sharing a a checked-in bag with someone and share the cost.

What are you tips for packing? What are your essentials? do you over or under pack? What are your tips for packing, I would love to know.

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  1. May 3, 2017 / 11:08 am

    3 weeks on hand luggage?! That’s some serious expert packing!!! I always use testers and samples that I’ve had when I go away rather than take bulky bottles with us.
    Em x

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